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About Ravand Colocation :

Ravand Tazeh proudly designed and built its own data center in the heart of Tehran commercial center. The data center has been in operation since 2011 and its hosting thousands of private and public corporations.

Customers who own their own servers, they can colocate their server with Ravand IDC ( Internet Data Center ) and they can even pass the server management task to Ravand. Resting assured their servers are in good hands.

Why you should colocate with Ravand :

  • Multiple ISP connection using BGP routing protocols
  • Fiber optic connection as main Internet media and wireless internet connection as backup.
  • Uninterrupted Power supply using Redundant APC UPS system and Backup Diesel generators.
  • In case the server has dual power supply, customers have options of connecting each Power Supply to different UPS and different PDU
  • Redundant Air Conditioning Units.
  • Super fast back end connectivity to server unit Point to Point wireless connection.
  • Remote Hand Service
  • Remote Reboot Option
  • High physical security using multiple redundant CCTV cameras, finger print and escorted access to data center
  • Environment monitoring system using APC infrastructure monitoring system
  • Opttional server or application managemenet service
  • Included Out-of-Band management to connect to iLO/IPMI Ports

Colocation Pricing :


Space Traffic Power IP Setup Fee Monthly Fee
1 Unit (Single Server) 300GB 1Amp/1Port /29 100,000 T 650,000 T
2 Unit (Single Server) 500GB 1Amp/1Port /29 100,000 T 950,000 T
10 Units (Half Cabinet) 2TB 6Port/5Amp /29 300,000 T 3,500,000 T
20 Units (Half Cabinet) 2TB 12Port/10Amp /29 450,000 T 6,500,000 T
40 Units (Full Cabinet) 4TB 24Port/20Amp /29 650,000 T 11,500,000 T


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